Verification Division | Oda Yohei

General Manager, Verification Division | Oda Yohei

He made me grow as a person.

1. Self-introduction, career (date of joining, age, industry history, hobbies, feeling of work)
Name: Yohei Oda
Joining date: 2013/2/4
age: 28 years
Industry history: 5 years (joined by industry inexperience)
Hobby: Reading , Golf, food, travel

2. What is your current job?
I am a leader in the system test group of a device development project.
It is a job to check the software quality of the product before releasing it to the market.

3. Why did you want to work for a company?
-Try new things that you have never experienced!
・ I wanted to get a completely different job from my friends around the time.
・ If you have acquired work using a PC, will it be stronger in the future?
I was thinking (laughs)

4. Did the company’s image change before and after joining the company?
Before joining the company, I was wondering if I was working on the PC silently until the scheduled time
, but in reality I
often went through work while communicating, such as meetings , and the
image changed.

5. In what ways do you think you grew up after joining the company?
・ I think you have grown as a person.
I will give you a mission (laughs) . You can learn the power you need to achieve.

6. Please tell me about the attractiveness and rewards of your work.
Before putting a product on the market, you have to do “verification”.
The roles of “make side” and “side to operate the created things from the user’s point of view” are different things,
and we consider our work in a position to prevent the market outflow to be a proud work.

As a result of the test, it is important to confirm the stability of the quality without any problem, but
the best thing about the verification work is not to “detect a defect”.

While the verifier understands the development content and executes the test plan formulated, when it
detects a defect as intended, it is likely that a voice will be heard, “Yosha!”

In addition,
we will unite in the whole team and build quality while repeating defect detection → repair, but when the product reaches the market release
, I feel a sense of accomplishment.
It’s even better to see the users in the city!

7. Please tell us your future dreams and goals.
・ Establishing a company
・ Being able to give something to people by being oneself

8. A message for those who are thinking about joining a company
At the beginning, everything is strongly interested, and I want to make it clear that I want to know / learn
There is no need to worry about this because seniors will back up.

I think that I sometimes struggle as I learn technology, but I think it is an
important point to make the future, to endure well until I become full.

It is very wasteful to give up before you know the fun.
When you become one person and become able to move voluntarily, you can
expand the range of higher goals and what you want to do. Rather from there!

It is more important to be honest with your goals and to work with passion.
This amount of heat has not changed at all since I joined the company.

I am looking forward to working with you!

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