Development Division | Shoya Nakajima

Development Division | Shoya Nakajima

The computer sound was so deceptive that I couldn’t even type.

1. Self-introduction, career (date of joining, age, industry history, hobbies, feeling of work)
Name: Shoya Nakajima
Joining date: April 2013
Age: 27 years
Industry history: Four years
Taste: Alcohol, fishing , Watching music live, watching sports

2. What is your current job?
・ JAVA development After
hearing the contents of the case, we write the requirements definition document and basic design document, code it and test it.

3. Why did you want to work for a company?
I thought that the person who wears a suit was cool and I wanted to work in the IT industry.

4. Did the company’s image change before and after joining the company?
It has changed.
Before joining the company, it was a selfish image of the IT industry, but I imagined that I was
working alone.
In fact, the work that can be done by one person is limited, and several people often work together.

5. Please tell me the attractiveness and rewards of your work.
It feels rewarding to think that what you have created is useful for someone.
At the same time, I felt that I had the responsibility of being foolish if something was created by myself.

6. In what ways do you think you grew up after joining the company?
Compared to the time I joined the company, I think the technology is growing.
I was so addicted to PC sounding that I couldn’t even type, but
now I can do the job of writing JAVA programs.

7. Please tell us your future dreams and goals. I
have no big dreams yet, but I have a small goal every year. I hope
that the goal will gradually grow, for example, having my own company,
and so on.

8. A message for those who are thinking of joining a company Even if you
are new
to the workforce and you are just like a computer beginner , you have done it so far, so anyone can do it! Lol
Let’s do our best together!

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