Verification Division | Intermediate Takuya

Verification Division | Intermediate Takuya

A company whose own effort is immediately reflected in a visible manner.

1. Self-introduction, background (entering date, age, industry history, hobbies, feeling of work)
Name: Mid Takuya
Joining date:
2015/5/25 age: 27
industry history: about 2 years 10 months
taste: reading, Fishing, bikes, games, alcohol

2. What is your current job?
Testing of tax related systems

3. Why did you want to work for a company?
As I was new to the industry, I was attracted by the kindness of support for inexperienced people such as study sessions.

4. Did the company’s image change before and after joining the company?
It has changed.
For presidents and seniors
, you can feel free to consult about technology and the field by e-mail or LINE, and it is a more homey image than you might have imagined.

5. Please tell me
about the attractiveness and rewards of your work. By improving your knowledge and skills,
you will be able to increase your work speed and increase your ability to enjoy your growth.
I’m a little happy to see the system and products I worked with in private (laughs)

6. In what ways do you think you grew up after joining the company? I think that
not only technology and knowledge but also communication skills and ability
to adjust at work have been greatly trained.

7. Tell us your future dreams and goals Have
enough knowledge, technology and mind to work in any situation laughing!

8. A message for those who are thinking about joining
a company Because your company’s efforts are immediately reflected in a visible manner,
depending on your efforts, you can also aim for a reasonable salary increase in the first year of joining the company!

In addition, I can work in various companies, and some of them are called first-class companies, so
I think that working for one company for a long time will have another form of experience!

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